Author: bmxculture

Remember riding your bike back in the day?

I remembered back in the day was where riders and families come together to enjoy the benefits of riding and competition. A culture is normally the invisible stuff you can’t see but you feel around you when you’re trackside. A healthy culture is where everyone embraces the fact we are all the same and doing it because we love the feeling BMX brings.

Riders don’t need to be dealing with anything else but the pure enjoyment of racing from the start to finish and once the race is over – the race is over.

BMX is losing its ways which is making it hard for the sport to grow and flourish.

The more you whine, the more this disease spreads and contaminates new BMX communities. It’s time to stop complaining and begin saying ‘what could I do for the sport of BMX?

WHY BMXdevelopment

Clearly, you must pursue goals that matter to you. Those goals could be casual or extreme.

It’s all choices that you and only you should make.

Rarely does one achieve greatness by following and playing it safe. There will be times when you must take risks, make a pass and separate yourself from the majority.

I’m not suggesting that you put everything on the line and put yourself at high risk – but you can’t live in fear of failures either. It’s also worth noting that such decisions will often lead to criticism from those around you. Many people in this world do not understand why others live and train with the intention of becoming everything but average. They do not understand the sacrifices, dedications or work that is required. They will not understand what you do and why you do it.

That’s also okay. They don’t need to understand. Don’t waste time justifying your passion to someone who doesn’t share it. They will always be those who disagree and want to bring you down.

But remember, a rewarding BMX Career comes from giving it 100% from start to finish.

What is the BMX COACH?

Wikipedia says a coach is “an individual that teaches and supervises, which involves giving directions, instruction and training of the on-field operations of an athletic team or of individual athletes.”

BMX coaching is relatively new to the sport of BMX compared to other mainstream sports such as Soccer, NRL, Netball, AFL etc. Information is readily available and open providing interested families, riders and potential coaches knowledge to provide industry standards. The knowledge base it not there, and so I write from experiencing 20yrs of BMX coaching.

It all boils down to someone who transfers useful information or ideas from one person to another, a conduit of knowledge and experience, someone who makes the invisible visible with the aim of helping individuals fulfill their expectations and potential.

The hardest thing I find with BMX Coaching is making a partnership between Athlete, Parent, and other specialist. Each team member plays a massive role in the success of the athlete but in most cases the roles are mixed and the basis to any solid success is lost very early into the development of BMX Athletes and so the athlete gets lost in the process.

A BMX Coach can simplify BMX, solve problems on and off the bike, Identify rider and parent deficiencies and always be there for an athlete no matter the result. The purpose of a coach is like the missing link, to transform someone from the darkness to the light, from skeptic to faith, from discouragement and into recognition, not knowing to known, from no confidence to a new outlook on life.

I feel BMX Coaching is one of the greatest arts in the world, and there’s nothing better than watching personal development to where they ride to their own style and inspire others to be great.