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girls-only-bmxdevelopmentGIRLS ONLY! By educating thousands of BMX Racer and Recreational Riders with BMX Skills. BMXdevelopment © understand what holds girls back from learning the skills required for elite level BMX racing. In most cases it’s not the fact that they can’t, it’s more about our inspiring Instructors teaching and guiding female athletes through the progressional stepping stones instead of forcing something that is simply not there yet. Once girls are placed in a winning environment we witness a transformation of confidence and enthusiasm which propels them forward in Bike Play and exploration to clock up the hours required to master the essential BMX skills. the BMXdevelopment© system motivates girls to stick at it until they are confident to express their learnings in race situations.

Cutting edge specific skill workshop – led by Glenn Codega

Focusing only one Skill at a time.


For this type of education we only recommend riders that are BMXA licenced and are serious about their BMX racing careers. All advertised lessons are high-energy and progressional designed to assist riders with limiting beliefs, and fears. Available to all girl racers of all ages and abilities that wish to take their racing to another level.

Choosing the best option that best describes your current situation. Beginners – Riders that are NEW to BMX, with minimal race experience, participating at club nights, open days, and southern zone events. Intermediate – are racer who have been competing for a few years and are ready to embrace a deeper level of skill and technique to compete at a higher level. Advanced – are racers that are serious competitors traveling to most State |  National events and seek those small marginal gains that are hold them back? *Special Note: Ego aside – prevent the temptation of entering a clinic that is the next level up from your true ability. In most cases this creates confusion for the rider because they have not yet developed enough knowledge to do the basics well. As the saying goes “crawl before you walk” or “ride before you race”

BMXdevelopment facilitates all lessons from the Logan City BMX Academy due to the fact this facility has been built for skill development. Sometimes we will target specific venues for lead-ups to large competitions. Our team can also travel to your club or location on request but dates are limited due to high demands. Contact our staff to inquire.

Shonnie has taken 6 secs off her lap times at Pine Rivers since we started only 12months ago’ Dont know how you guys do it, but I cant wait to see what the next 12mths brings her. Thanks again.

SecreteProud Father

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