WHY BMXdevelopment

WHY BMXdevelopment

Clearly, you must pursue goals that matter to you. Those goals could be casual or extreme.

It’s all choices that you and only you should make.

Rarely does one achieve greatness by following and playing it safe. There will be times when you must take risks, make a pass and separate yourself from the majority.

I’m not suggesting that you put everything on the line and put yourself at high risk – but you can’t live in fear of failures either. It’s also worth noting that such decisions will often lead to criticism from those around you. Many people in this world do not understand why others live and train with the intention of becoming everything but average. They do not understand the sacrifices, dedications or work that is required. They will not understand what you do and why you do it.

That’s also okay. They don’t need to understand. Don’t waste time justifying your passion to someone who doesn’t share it. They will always be those who disagree and want to bring you down.

But remember, a rewarding BMX Career comes from giving it 100% from start to finish.

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